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Take Your Futures Trading to the Next Level...

…We Offer Account Plans for All Levels of Futures Traders

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Insignia Futures & Options - Since 2001

Providing commodity futures trading services to investors from all over the world since 2001

Take Your Futures Trading to the Next Level...

…We Offer Accounts Plans for All Levels of Futures Traders

Providing commodity futures trading services to investors from all over the world since 2001

Perfect for the experienced futures & options trader who is confident in making his or her own futures trading decisions. Use our trading platforms or bring your own.

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Our Traders Advantage plan is perfect for the investor new to futures trading or seeking assistance with their futures trading. We provide the tools and training to become a better-informed futures trader.

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Take advantage of Automated Futures Trading systems. Similar to robo-advisors, our automated trading systems take the guess work out of investing in commodity futures.

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Perfect for the sophisticated & experienced investor. Futures options selling can offer several advantages that can shift the odds of success in the sellers favor.

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Risk management – commodity hedging services for the agricultural, livestock, food, energies, financial and metals markets.

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Enhance your investment portfolio by investing in managed futures.  Many programs offered diversified, non-stock market correlated programs to best suit your investment goals.

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Ease of Use + High Performance = a Superb Futures Trading Platform…

Online Futures Trading Platforms

Firetip | InigniaTrader Pro was developed by futures traders, for futures traders with a user-friendly order entry system designed for both the professional trader as well as the novice trader. It’s a powerful and versatile workhorse of a platform.

• Designed for Simplicity & Power
• State-of-the-art Trading Matrix
• No Market Data Fees (Basic)
• OCO, Bracket & Trigger Orders (Pro)
• Price Alerts: On-Screen and/or via Text
• Free $50,000 Trade Simulator 

Feel free to bring your own trading platform.

In addition to our Firetip | InsigniaTrader platform, Insignia Futures & Options also supports most third party futures trading platforms.  Contact us for more details.

Client Testimonials…

“I am a former floor trader at The Chicago Board of Trade for over ten years and a Hedge Fund Trader for seven years. Insignia Futures and Option’s firm is on the cutting edge with software and professionals. Insignia offers one of the most trader friendly trading platforms, InsigniaTrader (formerly known as Firetip), which makes your trading smooth. It is as simple as point and click. The platform also gives top professional traders multiple charting in real time to add to your trading. Most professional traders need a firm with top trading software and excellent support, Insignia Futures and Options has both!”

Brian L.

of Illinois

“I just wanted to tell you that I thought the platform performed great!! It’s easy to use and the functionality is superior to my previous platform. Thanks for making the whole process effortless!”

Shawn M.

of Texas

“I am a beginning trader and the service I have received has been excellent. I know it takes a lot of patience dealing with new clients such as myself. It is much appreciated and I would recommend Insignia [Futures] to anyone who is interested in being a successful trader”

Sheila T.

of Indiana

“Insignia Futures is a great firm to trade with. Their customer service is second to none, and the InsigniaTrader (formerly known as Firetip) platform offers speed and flexibility. Having traded with a number of other brokers, I can honestly say that Insignia is number one. I wouldn’t trade with anyone else.”

Thomas S.

of Pennsylvania

Insignia Futures & Options offers futures trading, futures options trading, futures spread trading & futures options spread trading in all of the major futures market sectors such as the emini S&P, Gold, Crude Oil, Soybeans, Euro Currency, Sugar, Live Cattle, US Treasury Bonds, plus many more. We cater to all levels of commodity futures investors. Trade online with our latest generation futures trading platform: Firetip | InsigniaTrader Pro, or work directly with a futures broker for those clients seeking futures trade recommendations and advice. Contact us today to learn more about our commodity futures broker services.

Insignia Futures & Options - Since 2001

Serving Commodity Futures Traders from All Over the World Since 2001

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