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I speak with many beginning futures traders, and a lot are overwhelmed in getting started trading futures and options.

At Insignia Futures & Options, I specialize in assisting beginning futures traders with education and resources to get them comfortable when starting out trading futures.

I’ve prepared a checklist of 4 tips I give to the futures traders I work with. I hope you find them valuable and informative…

Tip 1: Before investing any money, you must have a basic understanding of investing and a general knowledge of the commodity futures markets. Our website offers an extensive Education and Resource page, which contains excellent information for the beginning futures trader. You can check it out here: https://insigniafutures.com/futures-trading-education/

Additionally, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group), the world’s largest futures exchange, also offers an excellent education section on its website. You’ll find links to their information on our Education & Resources web page. Of course, I’m available to answer any questions you may have as well.

Tip 2: Proper account capitalization is essential in trading futures & options. I hear from many investors who want to start trading with only $100. Although this is possible, it’s very, very difficult to begin with such a small account size. Due to the leverage in futures trading, small price moves can equate to large gains or losses.

Depending on the commodity futures contracts you want to trade, I typically recommend $2,000 – $4,000 as a bare minimum to start trading. Feel free to contact me to discuss the futures contracts you are interested in, and I’ll provide you with what I feel is a minimum required capital amount to get started.

Tip 3: Choose a futures broker who accommodates beginning traders and traders who need advice or assistance. Nowadays, many futures brokers are focused on attracting experienced futures traders. Most of these ‘super cheap’ discount futures brokerage firms offer very little in the way of customer service. Their business model is to simply provide their clients with a trading platform, and that’s it.

At Insignia Futures & Options, we welcome beginning futures traders. We are happy to work one-on-one with them, so they feel comfortable and confident in their futures & options trading.

Tip 4: Choose a futures broker who offers a simple-to-use yet powerful trading platform. I personally have been trading futures for over 25 years and have seen countless numbers of futures trading platforms. Although I’m biased as to our InsigniaTrader platform, many that I’ve used or seen were way too complicated, even for an experienced futures trader. As a beginning futures trader, you have enough on your plate to learn the mechanics of the futures markets and trading them. You certainly don’t want to tack on the added learning curve of a complicated trading platform. Our InsigniaTrader platform has been around for years and is designed to be very simple to use. In fact, we get compliments on how simple it is to use from many of our clients who’ve tried other trading platforms.

I invite you to check out a free demo of our futures trading platform. It will enable you to check out our cutting-edge trading platform and get a feel for actual trading. Of course, any piece of software will have somewhat of a learning curve, especially if you are a beginning futures trader. I’m available to give you a personal walk-through of our platform, and we also offer tutorial videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@InsigniaFutures

Request your free InsigniaTrader futures demo account by at: https://insigniafutures.com/insigniatrader-futures-trading-demo/

I hope these tips give you the head start you need in trading futures & options. It’s always in your best interest to study any subject before jumping in blindly. Again, feel free to contact me to discuss futures trading education, a trading plan, or any other questions you may have.

Best Wishes,


Joe Fallico
Principal Futures Broker
Series 3 & Series 30 Registered

Toll Free: 1-866-892-2030 – ext. 101

Insignia Futures & Options, Inc.


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