CQG Futures Trading Platform

CQGTrader – Performance Based Trading…

  • DOMTrader (Depth of Market)
  • Intuitive Custom Quote Board
  • High-End Order Management
  • Enhanced Order Reporting
  • CQG Spreader – Matrix & Pyramid
  • Real-Time Trade Simulator

CQG Trader Futures Trading Platform

Designed Exclusively for Quick, Efficient and Reliable Order Entry, Period.

CQG Trader is a high-performance market data and electronic trading application for commodity futures traders who do not require technical analysis tools.

CQG Trader Future Trading

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The Order Ticket is a DOMTrader® and order manager all in one. Its depth-of-market (DOM) view provides buy/sell buttons and a set of order management windows. Up to ten buttons are available, depending on your preferences.

CQG’s DOMTrader, a depth-of-market order execution tool, provides DOM information that gives traders transparency beyond the best bid and offer. For those who trade more than one market, the DOMTrader includes four tabs at the top of the window. Traders can use the order entry and cancel buttons to better manage their trades. They can also customize the DOMTrader with different color themes.

CQG’S Quote Board offers standard spreadsheet format and the look of big boards at the exchanges, CQG gives traders a number of ways to view the data streaming to CQG.

It’s easy to move from one format to another and to incorporate many different components of the data: open, high, low, last, net change, percent change, volume, time of trade, and dozens of other values.

CQG Trader Futures Quotes

Source: CQG, Inc. © 2016.
All rights reserved worldwide.

In addition, CQG’s Orders and Positions window covers everything you need to know about your account and its current status.

Among many other features, the Orders and Positions window provides the functionality to set up accounts and keep track of all your outstanding and filled orders in one window.

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