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Eurodollar Futures Contract

Euordollars represent one of the world’s largest interest rate markets and play an important role in the global economy. Eurodollar is a term that refers to any United States dollar (U.S. dollar) held outside the U.S. banking system. Eurodollar futures can be used as a risk / hedging tool for interest rate fluctuations on Eurodollars themselves, other interest rate futures contracts and to mitigate portfolio risk.

Contract Unit

$2,500 x Contract IMM Index

Futures Contract


CME Globex: GE

Trading Hours 

CME Globex: Sunday – Friday 5:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Chicago/Central Time (CT).

Minimum Price

1/4 of one interest rate basis point = $6.25

Contract Months

Quarterly: March, June, September & December

Settlement Method

Cash settled

Price Limit / Circuit

Source: CME Group

The above information was derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. It is provided without guarantees and is subject change without notice.

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