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Insignia Futures & Options’ FAQs

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below for information regarding our futures trading services.
If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please visit our Support page to contact us.

Why Choose Insignia Futures & Options as My Futures Broker?

Industry knowledge and expertise. Our staff has years of futures industry experience to best serve our clients.
Multiple Trading Platforms to choose from. We understand your needs as a futures trader and offer a variety of tools to meet those demanding needs.
Safety and Security. The handling of your information and funds are of the upmost importance to us. We utilize the highest level of security in our technologies for your privacy and protection.
Extremely Competitive Commission Rates. We offer some of the lowest commission rates in the industry to enable you to keep your trading costs to a minimum.
Ultra-Low Futures Day Margins. We accommodate active futures traders by offering very low day trade margin requirements so you can best utilize your trading funds.

How Do I Open My Own Futures Trading Account?

The fastest and most simple way to open an individual account is to complete our on-line, electronic account application. You may also download our account forms to your computer for printing or request our New Futures Account package via Priority Mail. Once we receive your new account application and initial account deposit, your account will be processed and activated. Accounts can be ready to trade within 24 hours of receipt of your account funds when sent via bank wire transfer. ACH transfers, personal checks and bank checks are also acceptable forms of funding your account and are subject to normal clearing time. Please visit our Open an Account page for complete details.

Can I open an account if I'm not a U.S. citizen?

Of course! We’ve been serving futures traders worldwide since 2001.

What Types of Futures Trading Accounts Can I Open?

You may open an Individual, Joint, IRA, Corporate, Partnership, Trust, Foreign, or Hedge account. The quickest way to open your account is electronically via our on-line, electronic application system. Please visit our Open an Account web page to open your futures trading account today.

What are the Computer System Requirements to Trade Futures Online?

Our InsigniaTrader platform works across all device types – from Windows to Mac computers & iPhones/iPads to Android tablets & phones.

What Commodity Futures Markets Can I Trade?

All of the major futures and futures options markets are available for trading. If there is a particular market you are interested in trading, please feel free to contact us for more details.

What is the Minimum Deposit to Open a Futures Trading Account?

Our minimum opening account deposit is only $100 (USD). Please review our current Margin Requirements page to confirm the amount of funds needed to trade the contracts you are interested in.

How Do I Deposit & Withdraw Funds from My Trading Account?

We accept account deposits via bank wire transfer, ACH transfer (U.S. banks only) and check. Click Here to see our Account Funding web page for details.

Withdrawals can be made via bank wire transfer or check only.

Please note, deposits made via check will have a 4 business day hold placed upon the funds and will not be avaialble for trading or withdrawal until after the hold period.