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Futures & Options Trading Pricing

Commission rates are a key factor to consider when developing a futures trading plan.

We offer rates which are based upon your trading style, frequency of trading, markets you trade and level of service or assistance you require.

With highly competitive rates for active, self-directed futures traders – as low as 8¢* – to custom tailored plans for those investors seeking broker assistance and advice. We have account plans for every type of commodity futures trader.

Discover what sets us apart from other futures brokers and Contact Us today to discuss your trading needs and we will be happy to provide you with a custom futures commissions rate quote that will best suit your needs and trading style.

*Available to qualifying accounts. Rate is per side for the CME micro futures contracts.

Custom Rate Quote

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How do I sign-up for a futures trading account?

Simply complete our on-line, electronic account application. Once we receive your new account application and initial account deposit, your account will be processed and activated. Accounts can be ready to trade within 24 hours of receipt of your account funds when sent via bank wire transfer. ACH transfers, personal checks and bank checks are also acceptable forms of account funding and are subject to normal clearing times. Please visit our Open an Account page for complete details.

Do you offer any incentives for high-volume traders?

Yes! We offer incentives to high-volume traders in the form of lower, discounted commission rates (as low as 10¢ per trade) and/or free trading platforms or market data. Incentives are available to traders who trade a minimum of 250 contracts per calendar month. Contact Us for more details.

What is the minimum deposit required to open an account?

Our minimum opening account deposit is only $500 (USD). Please review our current Margin Requirements page to confirm the amount of funds needed to trade the contracts you are interested in.

Can I open an account if I'm not a U.S. citizen?

Of course! We’ve been serving futures traders worldwide since 2001.

Stock brokers offer commission-free trading - why don't futures brokers?

Stockbrokers can offer commission-free trading because they use the ‘Payment for Order Flow’ (PFOF) business model. Payment for order flow involves the stockbroker routing customer orders to market makers or high-frequency trading firms, who pay the broker for the opportunity to execute these trades. Market makers and HFT firms may profit from the bid-ask spread or other market inefficiencies, while the stockbroker receives compensation for order flow without charging commissions to its customers.  There is no such business model available to futures brokers, which is why commissions are charged.

Do you offer CME Futures Exchange Membership

Yes, we can assist you with obtaining a CME futures exchange membership to lower the exchange fees charged per trade. Contact Us to learn more.