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Get commodity futures trade recommendations with our Insignia-Select subscription service.

Insignia Futures & Options’ clients can now take advantage of our proprietary futures & futures options trade strategies with our Insignia-Select subscription service. We utilize both fundamental and technical information to identify trade opportunities through our in-house research and analysis.

Once a trade opportunity has been identified, the recommendation will be sent to all subscribers with complete details of the trade. 

View a sample of an actual trade recommendation:


Trade Recommendations

2 Week Free Trial Included

$79 / month

Special: $49 / month

Recommendations include…

  • Long Futures Trades

  • Short Futures Trades

  • Futures Spread Trades

  • Short Options Trades

  • Futures Options Spreads

Insignia-Select service details:

Available to current Insignia Futures & Options clients only. By subscribing to Insignia-Select, you will receive our in-house, screened & analyzed futures and futures options trade recommendations via email when generated. On average, 5 – 10 trade recommendations are typically generated each month. Subscribers will, at their discretion, be required to enter the recommended trades themselves; either through their respective trading platform, by phoning in their order to our trade desk or personal futures broker. Subscribers are under no obligation to place any trades recommended. Subscriptions are on a month to month basis and will automatically renew each month until canceled. Subscription fees will be deducted from the subscribed client’s Insignia Futures & Options trading account. This subscription may be canceled at any time with written notice. No refunds will be given for any unused portions of a subscribed month.  This service is only available to current Insignia Futures & Options’ clients.

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Subscription terms of service: You will receive a free trial of our Insignia-Select subscription service for a period of 2 weeks from the date of your initial subscription request. Thereafter, your futures trading account will be debited the monthly subscription price and will automatically renew every 30 days until we receive a written request for cancelation. If your trading account does not have sufficient funds to be debited for your subscription service, the service will be suspended until such time funds are available. This service is only available to current Insignia Futures & Options clients.

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