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Take control of your futures trading with our intuitive and user-friendly trading platform.

InsigniaTrader Futures Trading Platform

Available for iPhone and Android phones in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

InsigniaTrader Futures Trading Platform on the App Store

InsigniaTrader is our professional, cutting-edge futures trading platform.

Find out why over 90% of our clients choose to trade futures & futures options contracts with this outstanding platform.

The InsigniaTrader Features…

High-Speed Market Data

InsigniaTrader’s trading platform sources its market data directly and without filtering, using a dedicated feed that provides adjustable quote speed. This provides access to the most up-to-date and accurate market information available, allowing you to make informed trading decisions.

Enhanced Market Charting

The InsigniaTrader platform boasts a charting engine with exceptional power, featuring a proprietary design that includes over 300 pre-built indicators as well as customizable options. With InsigniaTrader’s advanced charting capabilities, futures traders can gain fresh perspectives on market behavior and trends.

Ultra-Low Futures Day Trade Margins

Take advantage of more trade opportunities with some of the lowest day trade margins in the industry. Our Ultra-Low Day Trade margins are only available to users of the InsigniaTrader futures trading platform. Click Here for our current margin requirements†.

Futures Exchange Direct Order Routing

With InsigniaTrader’s dedicated order routing system, traders can submit orders directly to the futures exchange, bypassing the need to go through a third-party vendor. This means that your orders will be executed with maximum efficiency and speed, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Trade From Any Device

Trade with ease and convenience, no matter where you are, with InsigniaTrader’s versatile trading platform. Whether you prefer to trade on a Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, iOS, iPad, Android, or Tablet, you can access the same full range of features and functionalities. Plus, you can even sync your workspace across all of your devices for a seamless trading experience.

Customizable Trade Strategies

With InsigniaTrader’s order entry system, you have the freedom to develop and store your own custom order types, such as brackets, OCOs, and trailing stops. By using these tailored strategies, you can refine your futures trading approach and enhance your trading outcomes. Start putting your strategies to the test today!

Our InsigniaTrader platform works across all device types. Mobile app versions are also available for iOS and Android devices.

Of course, we also support most third party futures trading platforms.

Contact Us today to discuss the trading plaforms we support or if you need help in choosing a platform best suited for your investing needs.

For information on using your own futures trading platform at Insignia Futures & Options, please Contact Us today.

Please note: Access to our Futures Demo Account will expire 2 weeks from the date of request. Only one (1) demo account may be requested per email address. If you wish to request our Futures Demo Account for another 2 week period, please contact our offices by phone or use our contact form by Clicking Here.

* Third party platforms must be compatible with our trade servers. We support Sierra Chart, CQG & Rithmic data connects. Contact us for more details.

** A live Level 2 data subscription is required for live DOM / Advanced Trader quotes.

Email Spam Filters Notice & Users of Free Email Services (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Hotmail, etc.): if you do not receive an email message from our server within a few minutes, it may be due to a SPAM filter blocking our email autoresponder message. Please set any spam filters you may have to accept email messages from our domain, insigniafutures.com, and our platform domain, certigo.com, to ensure receipt of our demo account information. If your spam filter does block our email autoresponder message, you will need to request our demo account access again.

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† Futures margin requirements are subject to change without notice.